Our Panelists

Yazmin Cavale

After moving to Birmingham to be closer to family, Yazmin co-founded GLOW, the first and only on-demand beauty app in Alabama. Using her mission statement, “to empower women to achieve excellence through beauty,” Yazmin’s business provides beauty services to clients in over 8 states and 23 cities. Yazmin has amassed over 19 years of experience in the beauty and retail industry, and now as the CEO of GLOW provides her diverse and far-reaching clients with his or her desired refresh and “glow-up”.

Lexi Kwak

Lexi Kwak was born in S. Korea but raised in Alabama. She started her career in marketing in 2013 and found herself intrigued by the social media scene. One genre that really caught her attention was the dog community. Lexi’s love for dogs all started with her own pup Ringo. Because of Ringo’s account, Lexi realized she wanted to meet more local pups & their humans in Birmingham so Dogs of Bham was created. Dogs of Bham is a collaborative insta-project started by Lexi Kwak (@wildintu) & Alicia Stokes (@seoulinthemagiccity) to provide the community of dog lovers in Birmingham, AL the ability to connect and share the love for all dogs! Born on Instagram, @dogsofbham has gained much love and support from the entire dog lovin’ community and has grown to over 13,000 followers. Find them where it all started: instagram.com/dogsofbham

Valerie Thomas

Introducing Valerie Collins Thomas. In April 2014, she formed The VAL Group, Inc., a recruiting support service to UAB, Children’s of Alabama and others who need to showcase Birmingham to visitors or future residents. Valerie has become Birmingham’s Biggest Ambassador, and one of her tools to spread the good news is social media!

Haley Hoppe

Haley is a Marketing and Communications professional with diverse experience in both the public and nonprofit sectors. She has created and executed social strategies for small to mid-sized businesses in an agency setting, higher education, the entertainment industry, and nonprofits. Haley has a passion for human-centered storytelling and design. She is currently the Director of Marketing and Communications at Children's Harbor, where she built their most recent digital marketing strategy from the ground up.