Our Speakers

Chris Delgado


Influencer Marketing is Dead!

With over 10 years of experience, he knows how to apply marketing and sales strategies to not only build your brand but also drive revenue. He is the Founder/CEO of Gen-Z Venture Firm and is the consultant for over 7 different Fortune 500 companies.

His resume includes accomplishments such as managing Instagram’s largest influencer campaign, working with company names such as In-N-Out Burger and FitTea, and producing and marketing the world’s largest business conference. Chris Delgado is a leader with the results to prove it!

T. Marie King

Activist, Speaker, Trainer, Comm. Consultant

Stories: The Shortest Distance Between Two People

T. Marie is an activist, speaker, trainer, and community consultant with nearly 20 years of service, education, and community service. She travels to various cities across the nation serving as an active voice for progression.

In her travels, T. Marie has spoken with more than 200 groups and organizations, ranging from youths to adults. She emceed the 2017 Alabama Women’s March rally and received the 2018 Shining Star Award from the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women. She has been featured on various news platforms such as AL.com, The Birmingham Times, and StyleBlueprint.

In her hometown of Birmingham, AL, she has the opportunity to share her passion for creating pathways to healing, teaching nonviolence, and building a better, global community. She does so through her work, speaking opportunities, and by curating her own community events to build bridges across in Birmingham, across the State of Alabama, and throughout the United States.

Conrad Martin


Visually Hacking Your Audience with Video

Conrad has been helping people tell their stories for over two decades while also serving in various roles of communication. He’s worked with multi-national, billion dollar companies and single owner startups. After spending time in communications, Conrad realized that huge companies and new start-ups are on equal ground when it comes to gathering the attention of their audience. His company, Knackhaus, works to help people tell their stories in compelling ways to connect with their viewers.

Russell Platt

Senior Paid Media Manager

The 5-Step Paid Ads Process: Answer the Questions Nobody’s Asking (But Should Be)

Russell Platt is the Senior Paid Media Manager for Sociallyin where he leads paid advertising strategy and personally manages over one million dollars annually in client ad spend. In the past year, his systematic and disciplined approach to paid ads strategy was responsible for generating more than 85,000 leads for clients. Drawing from a background in Communication and Philosophy, Russell brings a no-nonsense, goal-oriented approach to paid advertising strategy that cuts through the noise of what feels good or what’s trending today to create total clarity on your goals and what it really takes to get there.

Lori Sullivan

Director of Marketing

How to Prove and Maximize Marketing ROI

Lori is the Director of Marketing at Fleetio, one of Birmingham's fastest-growing technology companies. She’s a seasoned business-to-business marketer with a focus on digital marketing channels, inbound lead generation, and marketing analytics. In her 4+ years at Fleetio, she’s driven huge revenue growth through marketing. Prior to Fleetio, Lori worked in marketing agencies helping various clients build, execute, and measure digital marketing programs.

Cornelius “Hank” Washington

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

The Cross Roads Between Art and Social Media

Cornelius ‘Hank’ Washington is Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator born and raised Mississippi now residing in Birmingham, Alabama. With almost 10 years of experience, he has worked on campaigns for brands to help build and grow through problem-solving creativity. He has worked on campaigns for brands such as Dick’s Sportings Goods, Nike, TGi Friday’s and More. Hank has also worked with entertainment professionals like Marlon Wayans and his Work has been in several publications such as Jet Magazine and has been featured on branded social channels such @GoodType